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Executive Officers

Our executive team has a wealth of experience across the health care spectrum.


Sam Wanas

Sam has been working in the business sector for over 14 years. He has extensive experience ranging from retail, business development, market research, practice management, entrepreneurship. Currently he is Senior Business Development Specialist at Biolle and CEO of SAGE Market Research. 


Abe Rawashda

Abe is a veteraned in the sales/marketing sector and currently working on a dual degree in Biology and Chemistry. Currently he is Senior International Sales and Marketing coordinator for Biolle. 


Lana Delaney

Lana has a Masters in Pharmaceutical Research from Rutgers University. She has over 9 years experience in the medical, pharmaceutical and retail sectors. Currently she serves as Assistant Business Development Specialist Department at Biolle. 


Dr. E Wanas

Dr. Wanas has been a practicing M.D. for over 8 years with experience nationwide. His residency was done in Toledo, Ohio and has since then worked throughout the US. He practices general family medicine and has sub-specialties in ocular and geriatric medicine. He is Senior Healthcare Adviser for Biolle. 


Linda Bui

Linda has a Bachelor of Science in communications from College of Saint Elizabeth. She has experience in the both in customer relations and retail sectors for 10 years. Currently she serves as Senior Customer Relations Specialist for Biolle. 


Eve Mecca

Eve has a degree in Business Administration from CCM and will soon acquire a degree in Business Statistics/Econometrics from Rutgers University. He has been in the sales/marketing sector for over 10 years. Currently he is Assistant sales/marketing coordinator for Biolle. 


Aksana Vasilyeva

Dr. Vasilyeva has a Doctorate Degree in Biology from Wake Forest University. She has experience in the both in pharmaceutical research and clinical research sectors for 6 years. Currently she serves as Senior Quality control at Biolle and Senior Research Technologist at St. Jude's Hospital. 

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